March 5, 2016


The new economy

Online commerce is now a multi-billion dollar business. You can buy anything from groceries to car parts, from medication to air tickets online. Brick and Mortar type businesses are realizing that only focusing on their physical store is not the best practice. E-commerce is a viable alternative or even a supplement to the physical store business model.

In South East Asia, online shopping accounting for only 1 percent of retail today. However the region is slated to reach double-digit numbers within the next 4-5 years. With a population of 600 million — twice that of the U.S. — Southeast Asia is poised to eventually become the third-largest e-commerce market in the world, second only to China and India (and ultimately surpassing the U.S.)

How can we help?

With our expertise on your side, your venture into online business can be a well mapped journey. We can help in the selection of the most appropriate platform, payment gateway and fulfillment partner. We can customize your Shopify interface, or setup a WordPress Template with WooCommerce or build a complete e-commerce application from scratch.


Why restrict your business to a neighbourhood, town or city.

Give us a call and share with us your plans to participate in the global economy. We will show you the best way forward.