March 9, 2016

Mobile Applications

The future of computing

Did you know that the average smartphone has more computing power than the space craft that NASA used to put a man on the moon?

The smartphone that most of us carry have taken over the role of many everyday devices, like the camera, mp3 player and GPS device. We are able to check our mail, browse the internet and keep in touch with our social circles effortlessly. The significance of the smartphone has far exceeded our expectations.

This presents a unique opportunity. The smartphone can be a very important touch point for businesses looking to engage their customers. Businesses can use interactive applications to promote services, engage in conversation to better understand their customers, or to educate their customer base. The smartphone can be the ideal platform to achieve this as it is always on and always close to it's owner.

Android or iOS?

We currently build apps for the two most popular platforms: Google Android and Apple iOS. Tell us why you would like to connect with your target audience and what content or information you would like to share. We can propose a solution that best fits your requirements.

We can build Apps that collected data, post information (including video and pictures,) host discussion forums, and even games.